Final indigo Interrogation insecticide

Will you scream if I uncover your mouth from grasped clamping hands

sit at the broken table with the kid who ate lunch everyday
alone in the school cafeteria before he killed himself and others in the halls that day

do alzeheimer’s patients time mean as much or more than yours does

will you finally have a meaningful conversation with your parents before they die

are you a patriot and believe in dying for your country if asked

still think about your childhood friends failing out there in life miserably

regret not going to school instead of that meaningless job to scrape by

do you sit in the bathroom and cry because you know you still have to go back out there
and face reality

are your addictions still addictions if you pretend they’re not the substance you inject or ingest

is the news upsetting that a man and his daughter drown crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas for a better life after the surging currents swept them away

walking by hospitals do you still measure your humanity

driving home do you break down then recompose yourself before walking through the door with that nonchalant smile

what is poverty to a mother at the food stamp office answering the same questions as the year before

do you care for your final written warning at work before termination

was it educational to skip school all those high school days

do the games and videos barricade you from your true self

what is therapy in a handbasket and why can’t I afford it

has staggering credit card debt crushed you slowly over the last 10 years

did your 15 foot tractor trailer hopes make it through the 12 foot tunnel of fears or did you back up traffic for everyone already late for work

how well do you swim compared to all the other fish





Author’s Note:
stiffen my body before the crash, I cannot save you even if I tried….and I tried.

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